La Cantine du Voyage - Le Voyage a Nantes 2013


Quai des antilles
Open: From June 1st to Sept 29th 2013

During this year's "Voyage a Nantes" new artwork will be shown all over the French City of Nantes. There will be  visual interventions, festive places and temporary exhibitions. WUDTHiNG has been selected to provide its T-Furniture for the terrace restaurant LA CANTINE DU VOYAGE.

More info about this festival can be found on the Voyage-a-Nantes Website: "Le Voyage à Nantes is a 8,5 km urban tour, from the SNCF train station to the western point of the Isle of Nantes. On your way, let yourself be guided from one artwork signed by a today’s great artist to a remarkable element of our heritage, from « inevitable » destinations to unknown treasures, from a historic alleyway to a contemporary piece of achitecture, from a stunning point of view of the city to a sunset on the estuary…
On the whole, there are about thirty stops, from East to West, joining to create a sensitive and poetic tour : Le Voyage à Nantes is all the multiplicity and the uniqueness of a scattered monument."


Photo Credits: La Cantine du Voyage, Le Voyage à Nantes 2013 © Le goût et les couleurs