#1 How to place an order?

Please visit our order section to check out our 3 step order process.

#2 Do you have special terms for project developers and resellers?

For B-2-B clients we offer special discounts depending on the volume of your order. Please contact us to get a custom quote.

#3 Where do you deliver and how much are the shipping costs?

We are proud to deliver our products to almost every destination around the globe. Feel free to place an order so we can give you a final quote including shipping costs.

For each order we will provide you with an individual quote. Our aim is to get you the best quote depending on volume, destination and urgency. Once you request a quote  we will send you the total including the shipping costs. The moment you confirm this quote through a downpayment of 50% of the total we proceed to process your order.

#4 Terms of payment - Which payment methods are accepted?

As for the time being we only accept bank transfer as payment methods. 50% of the order valued must be paid to confirm the order. The remaining 50% are due on delivery.

#5 How can I get a VAT exempt for intra community (European Union) and extra-European deliveries?

As a company based in the Eurpean Union you will need to have a valid European VAT ID, so we are able to NOT charge you the Spanish VAT (21%). Please check out the following site of the European Commision to see if your company disposes of a valid VAT ID: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/ .

For extra-European deliveries no VAT will be charged. You will have to take care of customs clearance and expenses.

#6 Delivery time - How long does it take to get my furniture?

Once we receive your downpayment your order is clear to go into production. As we only produce on-demand please estimate a delivery time of about 4 weeks for deliveries in Europe. For extra European delivery this period is similar but differences could occur depending on the shipping method agreed upon with WUDTHiNG. In any case, expected delivery time will be mentioned in the final quote.

#7 My WUDTHiNG furniture came with a resin stain. How can I remove it?

In some cases you may find stains of resin (resin pocket) on the surface of your furniture. As resin is a natural component of wood (especially in pinewood) we have no control over this. The remedy is a sraper (knif, spoon or any sharp object) and turpentine/universal thinner. The process to remove the stain is to moist it with turpentine/universal thinner and then use the scraper to remove the resin. Once the stain is gone, clean the area with warm water and allow the area to air dry.

#8 Can I customize WUDTHiNG furniture with my company/event logo?

As your order is produced on-demand we can provide branding of your furniture. Please contact us for receiving a special quote for this customization.

#9 What are the certificates of the wood WUDTHiNG is working with?

Our furniture is made from ISPM 15 certified wood, which is a non toxic eco friendly heat treatment. ISPM 15 treated wood can be globally exported. All furnitures are made from FSC and PEFC certified wood , meaning they are produced from raw materials that are harvested, processed and manufactured in a sustainable fashion. The FSC label is the gold standard in forest management and sustainable wood products.